Saving food, clothing, and shelter will not save money

Rich people don’t tolerate air conditioning.
I’m not talking about luxury.
It’s because if you skimp on food, clothing, and shelter, you end up losing money.

First, you should save 1 year’s annual income, and if possible, 3 years’ worth of savings. I’ve given you this message throughout the book, but how do you save money? What do you start with?
Some people are stingy and cut living expenses. I tried to reduce the amount of hot water in the bath or move to a smaller and more humid room to lower the rent.


Saving food, clothing, and shelter will not save money

I see people who turn off the heating and air conditioning and save money. I can’t blame you if your monthly take-home pay is low. But don’t make your living environment worse. The money runs away.

To save money, health is essential. Comfortable living is important for that. If you put up with air conditioning and damage your health, you just pay the hospital. As a result, it is expensive. I don’t recommend luxury. Do not leave the air conditioner on and turn it off when you need to. In a room like a steam bath, there is no motivation, and there is no way to get excited about positive feelings or motivation to study.

In order to live a rich life while saving money, the quality of “food, clothing, and shelter” must be protected. Food is especially important. It’s directly related to your health, so I recommend you try to eat good food. “good stuff” here means “good materials”.

Fast food is the first step to not saving money. If you keep eating, the nutrition will be unbalanced. In that sense, I think it is equally dangerous to enjoy high quality French food and alcohol every day.

The same goes for “coating” and “food.”. Let’s think of ways to lower the cost without lowering the quality. For example, why don’t you use an outlet instead of buying new clothes? You can get brand name products at half price or 1/3 price.


someone who becomes rich “ingenuity and ingenuity”

Next, there are a lot of tricks you can do with “housing,” but the last thing you should do is rent a dark four-and-a-half mat room that she can’t call in. This is a poor idea.

Money won’t come to you unless you think “We live a comfortable life.”. Of course, my lovely girlfriend doesn’t come, so life is a downtrend.

Those of you who say, “Then, I will leave my workplace, but I will look for a place that is spacious, rich in greenery, and cheap rent.” unfortunately, that idea is basically no good either. That’s because the longer the commuting time, the better your life will be. If you commute for 2 hours instead of 1 hour, your work and life efficiency will decrease.

If you want to cut the cost of housing, you can use a share house. The room is large, and the rent will be cheaper if you split the rent per person.
A large property that can be a share house is in a good city to some extent. There are good people in good cities, and the environment for good people is one of the things that makes you rich.

If you are a woman, you can share a room with friends from your familiar university days. Even if 3 people rent a room, 1 person only needs 1/3. Security is better than living alone. It’s much safer to be with 2 or 3 people than without anyone. We can help each other in cleaning and choosing, and maybe even rent out clothes. Before I get married, I want to try a share house with my friends if I’m young.

People with creativity become rich, and people without creativity or wisdom become poor. The percentage of people with originality and ingenuity is probably 5% to 10% in total. That’s why there are 10% to 5% rich people.

Instead of looking at small expenses, cut big costs with ingenuity.


If you spend 3 times more “something” than someone else, you’ll be rich.

Rich people do three times as much as people do.
There are three kinds of things.
If you do all three, you can become a billionaire.

A little savings every month can be daunting, and if you work harder, you may not be satisfied with your slow pace. I will teach you how to save money easily.

Actually, you can save money quite easily.
Do three times as much as you do.

There are three. One is working three times as hard as a person. It supports troubles in daily life such as water, keys and computers. For example, you clean a movie theater after work.

You should work three times more than others. You can work while your friends are playing. That’s all. If you are young and have physical strength, it will be converted into money soon. You may think so, but do you know anyone who actually does? You can’t be rich if you do the same thing as an ordinary person.

The second is to have three times more personal connections and information than people. If you have a good connection, you’ll get good information. This creates opportunities for savings and investment. Good people introduce side jobs or find new jobs. You can’t find a good job on the Internet, but if you have someone nice, you might get 1.5 times as much. They are all techniques to make good people and good information.

On that point, being blessed with bad people is the worst. I got carried away by the strange investment story. I was taken to gambling by a bad friend. I often hear that. In the first place, if you go out with a poor person, you will become poor. Poor people have their own lifestyle. When we are together, the customs become similar.

A good example is gambling. I’m addicted, so I can’t stop even if I know I can’t. It’s even more so if a friend invites you. Of course, there is no system to save money even if you put money into gambling, so money runs away.

Casinos, horse racing, bicycle racing, boat racing… there are many kinds, but in any case, if you get hooked on it, your life is completely dark.

The third is to study three times more than other people. You can become a busy working man by studying that you didn’t even do when you were a student. Compared to the other two, is it a little difficult?

But don’t you think that just stopping the stupid drinking party will give you time to study? In fact, I think you have time to study such as commuting time and TV time.

And if you study anyway, study to become rich. Read books on finance, economics, and investment to see how money flows. You don’t aim to become a lawyer or a certified public accountant, but you study to become a person who collects money. There are few people who study like that, so if you study three times more than other people, you can earn three times more and save more.

Can you do any of these three things? Just doing one thing will save you three times as much as you do. If you have confidence in your physical strength, you can work, and if everyone likes you, you can make three times as many connections. If you don’t have confidence in any of them, study. If you do all three, you’ll be a billionaire.