Critical difference between winning investor and loser investor

There are two types of investors in the stock market. Investors who win by making profits and investors who lose by losing. Losers continue to invest with a strong desire to “I want to make a profit someday.” but that is not the case.

I started investing and lost for a year and a half before finally winning. Many investors have asked me about the turning point from losers to winners: “When and how did he win?”. In this column, I would like to explain when and how successful investors become successful investors.


Critical difference between winning investor and loser investor

There is a certain percentage of winning investors in the stock market. Some winning investors continue to make profits almost every year, earning huge profits. But even these super traders were beginners and amateurs when they first invested in stocks.

If you look at the investment history of super-traders in books and elsewhere, you can see that most super-traders didn’t make spectacular profits from the start, but in most cases made big mistakes along the way and then made big successes. The winners are not the winners from the start; they start with the losers and change to the winners at some point.


Losers investors don’t know why they’re losing

Not all investors are going to make a huge profit from the start. If you make a big profit first, like Beginners’ Rack, it won’t last and you’ll lose somewhere. Many investors find it difficult to get out of this situation.

If you want to get out of a situation where you’re losing and losing, you need to know why you’re losing and why you’re losing. If you know the reason why you are losing, by improving it, you will lose less.

But in the investment world, few people look back at their trades and figure out why they are losing when they continue to lose. In fact, this is nothing but strange, because of our instinct of “I want to make money by avoiding troublesome work and making it easy.” we are moving on to the next transaction without looking back. Even if you’ve lost money and keep buying and selling, you won’t suddenly start to make money. After a certain period of trading, you have to look back on your trading and know why you lost and why you lost.

The reasons many investors lose are simple: ignorance of markets and stocks, lack of risk management, collapsing trading sizes, and lack of trade rules. When you know why you’re losing, you make up for it and your losses decrease as you get stronger. You have to look back at your trading and know why you’re losing. By improving it, the loss will gradually decrease.


Know “The reason why I can win” and buy and sell

Knowing the reason why you are losing and improving it will only reduce your losses and not make you win. In order to win, you need to know and learn new reasons why you can win. To win in the stock market, investors need to incorporate “the quality of being considered obviously advantageous” called superiority, into the price movements of the market and their own trading. There are advantages everywhere, both in market prices and in investment theory and money management. Acquiring and incorporating such advantages is the only reason you can win.

The winning investors have clear goals, targets and goals. To put it simply, the aim is to create an image of price movements in the future, such as “What price moves are you going to capture in the market?”. The winning investors set their sights on each other and buy and sell only when certain conditions and conditions are met in the market. Even if they wait for the environment and conditions to materialize after setting clear targets, they will not be able to win. They only hope that “I want you to come up.” and do not neglect the loss.

If you take stock investing seriously, investors will look back at their trading and find out why they are losing or why they are losing. Once you’ve improved that, you start to create a reason for winning in your trading. By accumulating knowledge, theory and experience, setting clear goals for yourself, and continuing to buy and sell according to the rules, you will be able to reproduce the price movements you are aiming for before your eyes. At this point, the investor will establish his own winning pattern and start on the path of a winning investor.

Are you investing in stocks on a daily basis with only expectations and aspirations? The investors who have won, the investors who have won, repeat the actions to win and win every day. Find out why you’re losing and fix it. Then you’ll know why you can win, learn about it, and be able to buy and sell at a targeted price. You become a winning investor when you are able to make money at the target price ahead of the action.