Shortcut to becoming rich in business through self-investment

Money is necessary to live in modern society. In addition to earning daily living expenses, money is involved in various situations such as “To make your loved one feel at ease.” “in order to give children a good education,” and “To make myself happy.”.

Self-investment is what you need to grow yourself. When it comes to rich businessmen, everyone is actively investing themselves.

In fact, the best and most profitable of all investment methods is self-investment.

So how can entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and elite salaried workers put their own money into practice? Here are some tips for investing in yourself.


a self-growing investment method that yields the highest returns

There are various investment methods in the world. Among them, stock investment, FX and real estate are typical investment methods. But compared to these investment methods, there are investments that yield overwhelmingly better and are the most reliable. It’s about investing in yourself.

Who is the most reliable person in the world? Whether you’re a close friend or a child, there’s a chance you’ll be betrayed. But there are things that never betray you. It’s me.

No matter how profitable the product is, the annual interest rate will not exceed 30%. Even an investor who is considered to be a global genius has an annual interest rate of around 30%, so it is safe to assume that there is basically no yield higher than this.

However, it is not a fraudulent product, but a “Only way to achieve a very good return, well above 30% per annum”. That’s self-investing.

For example, if you have two members of society in their twenties, who do you think will make money in the future?

someone who actively saves money earned at work
someone who actively invests money and studies at a business seminar
Of course, if you’re just saving and not studying, you’re at zero growth. On the other hand, if you continue to study even after you become a member of society, you can get a high salary by changing jobs even if you are a salaried worker, so your future income will be overwhelmingly high. Naturally, even if you start a business and become a business owner, you will still be able to demonstrate great power.

Many people stop growing up as adults because they stop learning when they graduate from high school or university. However, if you are a self-investing person, you will grow as you are.


Insignificant investments such as MBA and certification are wasted.

However, it is also true that there are people who are making useless investments even though they are self-investing. It tends to be a lot for highly conscious people, but often it is people who try hard to get an MBA or a qualification.

At first glance, it seems like a good self-investment to think about learning business administration or acquiring difficult qualifications in an MBA. However, it is not actually useful for doing business as a member of society. No matter how qualified you are, that alone won’t increase the number of customers.

For example, who would you like to get insurance from when you have the following people?

a person who is qualified as a financial planner but has no experience
unqualified but 10 year insurance veteran
Unless you’re really crazy, you want to buy insurance from “unqualified but 10 year insurance veteran”. That is because it is more knowledgeable and safe.

No matter how qualified you are, it won’t be good for your business. Instead, you need to acquire specialized knowledge that is useful in a particular field.

I have an IT qualification, but I don’t use it, I specialize in Web site management skills. I haven’t studied MBA, but I can make profits without any problems.


Identify and grow the investments you really need

Of course, you need money to invest in yourself, and it takes up a lot of time. At this time, if you are unnecessarily high in consciousness, you will attend various seminars and even take several lessons, and you will be filled with schedule.

But that doesn’t mean you can grow a lot. Instead, focus on what you need to learn. It is because what one person can do is limited.

For example, in my first year as a salaried worker, I started a business in the Internet business of operating a website and thought about becoming a successful person. So I worked hard on running the site, which I used to do as a hobby and a side job, and I studied and made a self-investment for that.

You need to find what you really need and focus on one thing. For example, a common bad example is someone who says, “I am studying English for some reason.”. I don’t mind studying English, but it’s meaningless if it doesn’t help your future. If you learn without a goal or goal, it will be useless and you will regret it later.

For example, I give up studying English. If you really want to master English, it takes years and you have to learn for 1000 hours. However, I have stopped mastering English because spending that time on business is overwhelmingly more productive.


If you do not act after studying, you will fail.

Unfortunately, most people don’t take action when they read or attend a seminar. As a result, they fail without producing any results.

For example, if you play sports, you won’t improve even if you learn baseball or only technology or theory. If you don’t take action by practicing, you won’t get better at sports.

Of course, this is also true for business. Even if you are active in self-investment and learned at seminars, you cannot improve unless you take action and make use of it.

So, if the sales person learned the sales method, you should actually try it with the customer. If a business person has studied real estate investment to start a business, try to find real estate or apply for a bank loan.

For example, I tried many things after I learned how to do internet business.

・Try publishing an e-mail magazine called (mail magazine)
・Take advantage of the video
・Creating Articles Using Keywords
・Contact a company and work directly with it

If you do something good, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t work. However, you will be able to learn how to “This way you don’t have to fail.” even if it is not possible. In other words, it is closer to success.

Becoming Rich: You don’t have money because you don’t invest.

Some people think, “I can’t invest myself because I don’t have money.”. But this is the opposite. I don’t invest in myself, so no matter how hard I try, I don’t have any money.

Why don’t you have money? The answer is simple. Because I haven’t learned how to make money.

Of course, acquiring advanced technology requires investment. Just as you go to sports classes to improve your sports skills, so you go to cram schools to learn, so you gain great knowledge and skills by “learn from someone who knows how to achieve it”.

When you seriously think about improving baseball, no one tries to learn it by themselves because “I have no money.”.

However, for some reason, when this becomes a member of society and enters the business field, the majority of people cannot think normally. They want to learn advanced skills in business, but they don’t want to learn from other lecturers.

This is why there are so many people who cannot work. The lack of money and skills at work is due to the absence of the “You should study and grow by investing yourself.” mindset.

If you invest yourself properly and develop your skills, you can increase your own value and make a great return. Even if you are a salaried worker, you can raise your annual income by changing jobs as mentioned above. If you think about it that way, you can say that you don’t have money because you don’t invest yourself.

*There is no certain success, and you should take risks.

A common question at this time is “Does it really work if you do self-investment?”. But when you’re asking these questions, you’re not going to succeed.

The more successful you are in business, the more risk you take. When you don’t know if you’re going to succeed, you set your own goals and try to achieve them.

It’s just a business, so it doesn’t have an answer like a school. You get closer to a successful person because you develop your ability and decide what you want to do.

Even if you practice baseball, you can’t always go to Koshien. However, if you practice a lot, the chance of achieving your dream is very high. It’s a natural way of thinking, but you have to choose the same way.


Understand the cost-effectiveness of learning: why it’s expensive but cheap

At this time, there are many people who are satisfied with cheap self-investment of about 1,000 doller even if they spend money for themselves. They become unable to act because they are afraid of self-investment of 1,000 doller, 2,000 doller. As a result, you can’t produce any results.

In fact, do you think the 1,000 doller seminar course is expensive? Generally speaking, it’s quite expensive.

Then, what if the participants of the seminar can earn more than 5,000 dollar a month continuously in 1 year? On this basis, a 1,000 dollar seminar is overwhelmingly cost-effective and fairly cheap. The price doesn’t matter, but it depends on the content.

When people become rich, they pay a lot of money and actively grow up. Even when I was poor and had no money, I was repeating self-investment. You don’t have to borrow money, but if you don’t understand this feeling, you won’t be among the successful.

This is easier to understand if you are on the side of teaching business methods. Who do you want to target when teaching real know-how?

In other words, which customer would you like to have, “People who want free or as cheap as possible” or “a person who participates at great expense and who takes a positive attitude toward them so that they do not miss out on every word”? Of course, you want to deal with only the latter customers.

From the standpoint of a lecturer, even if it is a matter of course, if you are the one who pays, you will not be able to think normally. The more a real business instructor or consultant, the more expensive it is. If you’re happy with cheap self-investment, you won’t find someone to teach you real business.

Successful people learn actively, and those who can’t earn a living are reluctant to invest in seminars. Here is the fundamental difference between those who can earn and those who can’t.

It’s the worst thing to be stingy about self-investment. Of course, you shouldn’t waste money on getting an MBA or a qualification. But you should actively invest in what you really need. Recognizing cost-effectiveness, even expensive seminars are often very cheap, regardless of the price.

Even when you are young, it is recommended to invest in yourself even if you are old.

Self-investment is essential as a way of thinking (mindset) that enables not only managers and salaried workers but also working people to achieve results in the business world. Of course, not only young people in their twenties, but also people in their forties, fifties and even older people can become active by investing and growing up.

Because you can’t invest in yourself, you can’t improve your skills and you can’t grow as a human being.

Investing in yourself is one of the most rewarding and efficient ways to recoup money. In fact, I have been investing in myself since I was in my 20s, and now I collect more than 100 times my investment within 5 years. It’s highly leveraged and has a lot of benefits, so I recommend self-investing.

Of course, you don’t have to invest in everything. You don’t need to study wastefully such as obtaining a qualification. When you find a goal or goal you want to achieve, think it’s a waste of money, except for things that don’t matter.

For example, if you want to be a top salesman in insurance sales, you waste everything except studying sales. If you’re a successful Internet business, you should stop investing outside of the Web.

After you understand these things, you should spend money on things that are more necessary. Even if it is a high-priced seminar, it is often cheap considering the cost effectiveness. Reading business books is based on the premise that if you learn from a good real lecturer and act, you can join the rich class.