What are the three ways to work efficiently?

When working people work, it is important to work efficiently. Some people take 10 hours to do the same job, while others take 3 hours.

Why is there such a difference? This is because there is a difference in how “cooperation of people” can be drawn out and used effectively.

Let’s assume that “Cooperate with others” and be aware of “Think only about contributing to others” “set a time limit and do your work” and “Disseminate Your Thoughts”. If you’ve been aware of these three actions for about three months, you’ll see a big improvement in your efficiency.


Cooperation with others is a major prerequisite in business

In order for salaried workers to work efficiently, it is necessary to ask for people’s cooperation. Because there are few jobs that I can complete by myself.

The larger the company, the stronger this trend. Large companies conduct large businesses to achieve great results. Of course, it is impossible to do this alone. We make money by giving each person a task in charge and connecting them well.

When you work for a big company, it is often said that you work as one of the gears of the company. This is not a bad thing, but it shows that people can achieve great results by working together. To make your company work, you need to get the gears working.

For example, let’s compare the case of building a small house and the case of building a high-rise building. If you build a small house, it will take about 1 year to complete even one person. But it is absolutely impossible to build a high-rise building by yourself.

To build a skyscraper, many people need to take responsibility for their work. First, we conduct a ground investigation to see if the land will not collapse even if an earthquake occurs. Next, you draw a plan of the building. Then, they purchase necessary materials such as reinforcing bars. When you actually assemble it, you put lighting and air conditioning equipment at the end. Each complex task is combined to complete such a building.

In this way, unlike individual stores, salaried workers who work for companies always cooperate by sharing roles. Working as a salaried worker is based on cooperation with others. The efficiency of work depends on how well you use that cooperation. Here are three ways to do this.


Think only about contributing to others

The first thing you need to do to get the job done efficiently is “giving to someone”. There’s the word gib and take, but be aware of “gib & gib & gib”. You can achieve great results by continuing to give to others.

It is often said that work is basically done by loan (gib and take). However, people who work efficiently are only conscious of giving to others. It is to make a loan in advance so that you can cooperate when you are in trouble. I can’t afford to give it to people when I’m in trouble. This is why we give them in advance and collect them when we are in trouble (= Ask for cooperation).

For example, if you are a sales representative of an air conditioner manufacturer, you can tell the people in the development team on a regular basis, “This has a good reputation from customers.” and “I was told that it is better to improve here.” and they will be able to come up with ideas for the next product. Developers can then work more efficiently and thank you.

If you put these things into practice, they will give you advice when you are in trouble in sales. For example, if a customer asks you how to use a product’s complicated functions and you are in trouble, the developer will kindly tell you.

If you give it to him, he will return it. Some people only receive it on rare occasions, but the more they can work, the more they return it. By giving them more and more, you can build stronger relationships. This will make each other’s work more efficient and produce great results.

is that information is the best

You can come up with a number of ways to give something to someone, but be especially aware of giving them information. Because what I want when I’m in trouble at work is information.

Even if you say information, there is no use giving unnecessary information. When you give people useful information, they understand what information they need to get things done smoothly.

For example, have you ever been asked by your company’s human resources department to “If you have any good acquaintances, please introduce them to me.”? Their goal is to “Securing excellent human resources”. You will be happy if you always get information about good human resources around you and introduce them to them.

Contributing to others should be done the same way outside the company.

These ideas are useful both within and outside the company. For example, suppose you work for a real estate company and build a new large shopping mall. If you give that information to a restaurant chain that is considering a new store, it will be very helpful for the restaurant chain to expand its store.

Nowadays, there are many scenes where you can gain an advantage by getting information faster than other companies.

build a trusting relationship by having the other person’s say

Besides information, what is effective when given is concession. In other words, when they don’t agree with each other, they give in.

For example, when you refresh your company’s IT system, you try to purchase from a system company that you usually do business with, and they offer a higher price than other companies. However, I was asked to “I really want you to buy at this price this time.”.

In that case, you could choose a different company, but “This time, I will sell the favor and get it back in the next transaction.” is a smart move. “I asked any company to take measures against complicated system troubles, but they refused. But I won’t say no to this company that I have been grateful for.” and so on.

By helping others when they’re in trouble (give), you can build deep relationships. Also, they will help us when we are in trouble.

At any rate, in order to work efficiently, both as an individual and as a company, the most important thing is to give (at a concession) to someone as much as possible and to make a loan.


I set a time limit for my work

The second thing salaried workers do to work efficiently is “set a time limit for your work”. As long as we work on the premise of cooperation, we “Get more people to help you by limiting your time.” in order to make a certain job more complete.

Some people think that if you take as much time as possible when you work, the degree of completion will increase. In reality, however, “Work with deadlines (deadlines for work) and seek the cooperation of others” is much more complete. You can also work efficiently.

For example, let’s say you’re preparing for a presentation at a company meeting. If you want to spend a lot of time brushing up presentation materials yourself, you can do so. Because in many cases there is no correct answer. If you want to take the time, you can revise the material right before the announcement.

But in reality, we don’t do that. For example, you need to decide on your own “Do in three hours” and organize your materials within a limited time. After that, it’s better to have your boss and colleagues check it and polish it.

Timing to ask for help

When setting a time limit, you need to understand when to ask for help. If you request cooperation too early, other people will treat you as “a person who does not do it himself”. On the contrary, if it is too late, it will be too late. It’s actually hard to decide the right time.

For example, let’s say you are going to conduct a market survey of a certain product. To put it simply, market research is to research things like “How many people are likely to buy a product and what is the age distribution?”. If you only know “What is market research in the first place?” then it’s a waste of time to worry.

In this case, you should ask for cooperation immediately. But when you ask for help, just prepare to tell them what you are in trouble and what advice you want.

Don’t go around asking “I want advice on market research.”. Even if you ask for advice, you should ask specifically, “I have never experienced market research, so if I have done it before, I would like to share the data.”.

On the other hand, if you already have experience with market research, you should first create a document of the same level referring to the previous market research and decide how much time you will spend from it. If you have time for work, you can make new ideas by yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t have time, you need to ask other people to revise the materials as soon as you complete them.

Learning the right time is difficult, but the more proficient you are at the job, the later you need to ask someone to do it.

New employees and those who have no experience in the work immediately ask for cooperation. On the other hand, the more experienced employees are, the more they tend to work on their own. However, even if you get used to the job, you should be aware that you should set a deadline early and ask someone else to do it.


Disseminate Your Thoughts

The third way for office workers to work efficiently is to “Constantly transmit information to the outside”.

Within a company, the initiative is often “a person with a loud voice”. “a loud voice” refers to people who actively bring out their opinions and ideas and guide them to make their work easier. In particular, there are many sales people who are consciously sending messages outside.

For example, let’s say you are in trouble due to a lack of people selling the products you are in charge of. In such a case, they send out a message saying, “The product I am in charge of is selling well now, but I have to go to sales by myself only a limited number of times, so I will lose my precious opportunity. So we need someone to help us.”.

If you send your opinion with a reason like this, there is a high possibility that you will be increased. As a result, we can sell more products and contribute to the company.

Just having opinions doesn’t improve it.

You’re more likely to achieve your goals if you keep your ideas out of the way than if you keep them within yourself. This is because other people will understand “How should I cooperate with you?” only when they communicate their opinions.

When you become a salaried worker, some people stop sending messages because they give up on their company or colleagues. But that doesn’t improve the situation. Anyway, it is important to send out your opinion.

For example, suppose you are asked to do the same job by both A and B at the same time. Mr. A often sends out his opinions on a regular basis, and he is very trustworthy, and he should be careful when he doesn’t do the work he asked for. On the other hand, Mr. B is quiet, gentle and a little reserved when asking for work.

In this case, which job would you start with? I think I can finish the job A asked me to do first. This means that A can work more efficiently than B.

Communicate your opinions actively. People who send out their thoughts will be able to understand “What do you want?” and “What do you think when you work?” from the people around them. As a result, you can work more efficiently.

First of all, let’s act for 3 months with the 3 actions of “Think only about contributing to others”, “I set a time limit for my work.”, “Disseminate Your Thoughts”.

Salaried workers who achieve results naturally take these three actions. Working efficiently with people’s cooperation will further enhance your company’s life.