How to identify successful consultants

More than 90% of consultants in the world are fake. By consulting, you can’t get them to produce results. Maybe that’s why the consulting industry is so dubious.

In that sense, consultants are highly likely to win or lose. I wish I could be one of the few real consultants, but they often turn me down because they have so many customers. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will be able to hire a good consultant.

But it’s easy to tell if a consultant is real or not. It’s okay to ask just one question.


How to identify successful consultants

The only way to identify a consultant who can deliver is to ask the client, “Can I receive a consulting request with a performance fee?”. Only those who are “Yes” are real consultants.

For example, performance-based remuneration is a “earn 20% of the revenue generated by consulting” contract. Those who provide these services can be assured of success.

The reason is simple. In the case of performance-based compensation, if the client’s performance is zero, the consultant who gives advice is also zero. In other words, if the client doesn’t deliver, the consultant will work for free. To avoid this, the consultant will do everything he can to get the results.

And the consultants who can do it at a low initial cost and pay a performance fee have absolute confidence. I am confident that “Be able to produce results” so I am not afraid of the performance-based remuneration system.

However, if you are a fake consultant, you will never get a job with a performance fee. I can’t get the result, so if I don’t get the money in advance, the client will find out that it is a fake after completing the work. Therefore, fake consultants demand a large amount of consulting fee first.

Cause to present tangible results

In this way, I explained the most important points to identify real consultants. But there are other important viewpoints. It is in the field “Is the consultant overwhelmingly successful?” where you want advice.

For example, if you are a restaurant consultant, the point is “Whether or not you run a restaurant that is called a famous restaurant” for that person. As a matter of fact, there are many people who have a food consultation even though they have never run a store. So if you get caught in these fakes, you’ll have trouble later.

If you are a customer consultant, you need to check what medium the person has. At the very least, don’t believe a person unless you have “sites with enormous traffic” “an e-mail magazine with tens of thousands of readers” or “SNS with many fans”.

Uncertainty and unverifiable is meaningless as a result

Note that you should not trust consultants who say things you cannot verify, such as “I have consulted with a big company.” or “I know a famous person.”. Because there is a high possibility that it is a lie.

The consultant’s own “Restaurants and websites” is easy to tell if it really exists. You can also check the contents right away. However, since “Consulting performance of major companies” is mainly a self-report by the person himself, we cannot trust whether it is true or not.

The more a real consultant, the more material they can actually verify. They also give you real advice based on your experience.

Once you’ve experienced it from scratch and made it to the top, you know where you’re going to fail. Such a person can ensure that the client delivers results, even if he or she is consulted on performance fees.

After all, people can’t give advice to others beyond what they’ve experienced. In that sense, “a businessman active in the field” is a real consultant.


A person who impresses clients and earns money little by little becomes a successful person

Now, let’s take a look at some of the different ways you think about identifying real people.

In order to be successful in business, we must implement the right sales method and satisfy our customers. Also, when you request a job as a customer, you have to ask someone who will perform the job sincerely.

But actually, there are many people who do business that makes clients cry. So you need to find out what types of business they are developing.

Once you understand this, you need to do business in the opposite way of “Business that our clients cry about”. Then you can become a successful person who is appreciated by many people.

person who deceives others takes a lot of money first

There are quite a few people in the world who only think about taking money from people and do business. These are more likely to occur in high-value businesses, including consulting and real estate.

In consulting and real estate, you can move 1 million yen or tens of millions of yen at a time. In this kind of business, there are many cases of one-off relationships. They don’t necessarily have a long-term relationship, so the seller can’t relax until the moment they sign a sales contract.

In this case, if you are a customer and are considering purchasing a high-priced item, you should avoid paying a large amount on a one-time basis as much as possible. The reason is simple: The more money a company demands first, the more likely it is to be a scam agent trying to trick people.

In business, the deceiver is also responsible

If your company is thinking bad things, the moment you sign a contract and transfer money, there will be no follow-up service.

Also, the service you receive is often poor, and you end up with no results at all. In fact, there are many “a person with whom you have had little or no follow up after making a contract and depositing money” and “a person who is alleged to have had a bad property seized” in the world.

Then, it is not necessarily the case that the person who tried to deceive others and sold is unilaterally bad. As long as we are fighting on the battlefield of business, there is a problem for those who are deceived.

So you have to have an eye to distinguish real people from fake people. One of the criteria for this is “avoid someone who demands a bulk transfer of large amounts of money first (Company)” as mentioned above.

Real people impress customers and receive money little by little

In the business consulting example, a real person who cares about the client and responds with sincerity builds a business model by continuously charging little by little, not all at once.

For example, what if you are dissatisfied with the service you provide? The client always makes a complaint, and if it doesn’t improve, I will cancel the contract.

If that happens, sales will decrease. In order to avoid this, the more people who try to gradually receive money from customers through continuous billing, the more they try to improve the quality of their service and follow up.

Consultants strive to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the service they provide, so they will never stop following up after selling a product. These people can be said to be practicing “Creating lifelong customers through a single sale” by moving customers.

Fraudsters and real people have different business models

As you can see, the business model of “a person who fails to provide good goods or services, including swindlers, and tries to end it only once” and “someone who thinks only of clients and tries to associate with them for life” is clearly different.

The former sells expensive goods at once and requires money transfer before offering goods or services.

The latter, on the other hand, tries to charge from the client little by little, including recurring charges and performance fees. Once you’ve identified these differences, you’ll be able to determine, to some extent, whether the person or company is real.

Although Our Company is a consulting company, it provides consulting services at a much lower price than the market price and rewards clients for their performance. For this purpose, the relationship does not end at one time, but we have a lifelong relationship so that our clients can continue to be successful. You have to do business in this way.


Consultant’s Way of Working to Get Business Answers from Customers

So how do you identify people called management consultants in the world?

Anyone who achieves a certain level of business results can be a consultant. However, at this time, you should not do wrong consulting to customers. You should advise them to maximize their potential.

In this case, the consultant is so genuine as to be able to extract “Business answers buried in customers”. On the other hand, consultants who try to impose their knowledge, such as using an arcane framework, are second-rate.

Once you know the difference, you’ll know how to act when you hire someone else for consulting. Also, when you ask for advice from a consultant, you will know whether the person is real or not.

Good management consultants do not advise

First of all, the more capable a consultant is, the less likely he or she is to show off his or her knowledge or skills. In other words, they don’t try to give advice by teaching them something.

Instead, we carefully listen to the customers’ worries and current situation. After doing this, I will make some suggestions. In doing so, you identify areas of interest, things you want to do, and make a list of things you should do.

For example, one of the people I gave advice to was a woman in her 50s doing “an instructor of manners and manners”. He asked me if I could get some advice because I didn’t make much money from my current business.

First of all, even though we teach manners, the manner industry is not a field where a large amount of money moves, and the number of people who want to know manners is small. Therefore, no matter how you look at it, you can’t make a lot of money with the current business model.

However, when I was hearing from the person, some keywords such as “interested in something involving women” and “Learning manners makes women beautiful.” came up. Based on these considerations, I proposed that cosmetics should be sold in areas of interest, such as “Women’s business” and “Be related to the beauty” as well as “Make a lot of money”.

You should do business that makes use of your strengths

Of course, it’s not fun to just sell cosmetics. If you have been a manner instructor for many years, I suggested that you make use of that to show “A beauty instructor who not only makes you look beautiful, but also makes you look beautiful from the inside by knowing manners.”.

I thought it would be no problem to do business like this because she looked young and beautiful for her 50s.

As a result, I began to talk enthusiastically about “I have a relationship with the president of a cosmetics company, and I can get the products right now.” and “We are particular about cosmetics, and women who passed menopause have to take appropriate aging care.”.

As a matter of fact, nobody has a relationship with the head of a cosmetics company. This means that the person already has such a network and is interested in the field, and that the proposed business can be pursued with passion.

As you can see, the business answer is already in the person. The more a real management consultant is, the more passion that lies deep inside the client and what they really want to do.

It is the consultant who represents the other party’s wishes

Some management consultants suggest “Take advantage of a five-force analysis.” or “Let’s do a SWOT analysis.” as soon as they start.

It’s just a second-rate consultant trying to impose new knowledge on you. Instead, it is the real person who can give new notice to the client by hearing as much as possible to the client and making a proposal from there.

Recognizing these facts, they listen to their clients rather than speak for themselves as leading management consultants do. From there, I try to find the answer that lies within the customer.

In that sense, management consultants who can only teach a specific business such as “Let’s invest in real estate.” or “The restaurant business makes money.” are the worst. Because we can only offer one business model, it will surely make customers unhappy.

Instead, only management consultants who can suggest things like “There are various fields of business such as real estate, restaurants, cosmetics and education. I think this kind of business is suitable for you. You should be passionate about the field.” are real.