Advertisements are used not only on the Internet but also in various media. Advertisements can be seen in various scenes such as TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, and in-train print advertisements.

It’s called “In return for placing an advertisement here, I will receive one million yen.” and it’s a kind of ad.

However, if an individual or small business runs the same business model, it is not recommended at all. It almost certainly fails.

From the customer’s point of view, this type of advertising has the disadvantage of “It’s hard to tell if it really works.”. We have to do this based on the assumption that “It will probably work.”. The most uncertain advertising method is the advertising type.

Unfortunately, because of these characteristics, no one shows up when you try to collect a net advertisement. And every company that succeeds in net advertising is a big company or a company that successfully raises hundreds of millions of yen.

Given these circumstances, I would not recommend that sole proprietorships or small and medium-sized enterprises engaging in secondary businesses or startups work on the business model of net advertising.